10 Date Ideas to Add Romance to Your Life

Hey readers! I’m handing over the keys to my column to my friend, dating expert Devyn Simone. Stay tuned for new dating advice from her each week!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been together for years, dates are key to keeping your relationship healthy. But don’t just pick a movie! That’s actually a terrible date. The point of a date is to connect, not veg out. What you do together should allow you to 1) talk easily, and learn about each other (or reconnect with a long-time partner) and 2) create a shared experience, so you have something to talk about later. Seem like a lot of pressure? Steal one of these fabulous ideas:

  • #10. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
  • Whether you’ve lived someplace your whole life or are new to the area, it’s fun to explore your surroundings with a fresh set of eyes. Select four or five of the best local tourist attractions (monuments, museums, scenic spots) and make a day of checking them out with your date—even if you’ve lived there forever, chances are you haven’t visited them since you were a kid.
  • #9. A Mini Road Trip
  • Nothing can strengthen (or test!) a relationship like traveling together. I’d never recommend this for a first or even a third date, but it’s a must-do before you make a commitment—and a great way to reconnect with a longtime partner. Pick a place a few hours away that neither of you has been to and map out the journey together. Try new restaurants, go for a hike, or do some shopping. Being away from life’s daily distractions lets you truly focus on one another.
  • #8. A Couples Massage Class
  • Spas across the country offer couples massage classes, where a licensed masseuse teaches one partner how to give a great massage to the other (then you swap!). If that sounds too advanced, opt for a massage for two (you share a room while getting massaged simultaneously). While you may not be talking, you’ll come out totally relaxed—and ready to be more open and connected with one another.

  • #7. A Dance Class
  • They say your moves on the dance floor speak volumes about your moves in the bedroom. Ahem! Neither of you need to be a world-class dancer; it’s actually more fun if you have no experience at all. Set a goal to learn at least one new move and practice it at home. Either you’ll both enjoy it (and will have some moves to show off!) or you’ll laugh at yourselves and have a good story for years to come.
  • #6. Bowling
  • This one is pretty old-school, but it works! A bit of competition can break the ice or reinvigorate a long-established relationship. Especially in the early stages of dating, it gives you plenty of things to talk about—nicknames for the scoreboard, technique (or lack thereof), a friendly wager—to take the pressure off the conversation.
  • #5. A Cooking Class
  • Whether you’re a cooking pro or if the microwave is your secret weapon, there are plenty of new cuisines to explore. Choose a type of food you both enjoy and find a class at your local cooking school (some restaurants offer them, too). You might learn how to make just one dish or create a five-course meal, but either way you’ll enjoy learning—and eating your delicious creation—together.
  • #4. A DIY Food Tour
  • It takes planning, but this is one of my favorite types of dates! Choose four restaurants to visit, research their specialties, then have a nice drink at location one, appetizer at location two, entree at location three, and dessert at location four. (Keep ‘em close so you don’t lost time in transit.) Progressive dinner updated!
  • #3. A Painting Class
  • Great for double dates and frustrated Picassos! Many smaller restaurants host paint nights. You don’t need talent, just an open mind. An instructor will guide you through the creation of your masterpiece. Drinks and snacks get your creative juices flowing and you can give your finished work to your partner as a gift (or punishment).

  • #2. A Comedy Show
  • Yes, it’s a show—but stand-up is much more interactive than a movie! A good comedian will get you both laughing (everyone looks hotter when happy!), which breaks any awkwardness and gets those endorphins going. Afterwards, plan on a walk or dinner to talk about the funniest or most cringe-worthy moments of the show.
  • #1. A Walk in the Park
  • I’m a little biased—this was the first date my boyfriend (whom I met online) took me on—but walking in a beautiful environment, without distractions, naturally makes you open up. Bring drinks, snacks and a blanket to sit on (or in my boyfriend’s case, a towel) and have a light meal to refuel. You might even find a concert or festival. Bonus!

Whether you try them all or just sample a few, the dates listed above are guaranteed to help you connect and grow as a couple. Enjoy!

10 Easy Date Ideas
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