5 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date

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With millions of singles online, the road to love can be a long and crowded one. But despite a few roadblocks and the occasional detour (bye-bye, creeper!), you’ve managed to remain optimistic, make yourself stand out, and land a first date with a new potential match. You’ve worked hard and it’s paying off. This next date could finally be the step in the direction that you’ve wanted to go. Now wouldn’t it be a shame to throw all of that away? Your behavior on your first date is crucial in determining whether or not there’s a second date. Surveys show that men know within the first fifteen minutes of a date whether or not they'd ask that woman out again. Here are the top five first date faux pas to avoid if you're looking to go on a second date.

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#5. Show Up Late

If you showed up late to a job interview, your potential employer would think you didn’t care about the job. Well guess what? Same thing applies to a date. If you saunter in 30 minutes late, you're sending the message that you think your time is more valuable than your date’s time—meaning that you don't respect him. Showing disrespect before you've even said hello will keep you single for a very long time. If you’re prone to being late, aim to get there 15 minutes early and enjoy a walk around the block if you have time to kill.

#4. Use Your Cell

The reason why dating today is harder than it was fifty years ago is because singles not only have to contend with other singles, they also have to compete with distractions. Texting, talking or watching viral videos on your phone during a date sends the message that you’re not really interested in getting to know the person. (The only exception is if you're a mom or caretaker, in which case you can kindly let your date know that you might be getting an important call and put your phone in your lap on vibrate.)

#3. Get Hot & Heavy

Physical chemistry is important for a relationship, but it’s not the main foundation. Hooking up too soon in the dating process can cloud your judgment. One steamy moment between the sheets and the next thing you know you're ignoring all the warning signs of why he may not be good for you (and why he won’t be calling for a second date, anyway). In a recent survey, 42% of men and women said that they've had a first date hook-up which they later regretted. Hooking up with someone before you're ready may lead to a happy ending short-term, but not the long term one you're looking for.

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#2. Lose Self-Control

Have you ever done something on a date that you knew was wrong but you just couldn't help yourself (monopolized the conversation, ranted about an ex, had so many drinks you started singing into your silverware)? No man will tell you this, but I will: When it comes to a partner, one of the number one qualities he's looking for in a woman is self-control. A woman with self-control is powerful, mysterious, and an asset. A woman who can't control her behavior is a liability. Liabilities end up in the "call for a good time not a long time" category. So keep the drinks (and your mouth!) in check. Think before you speak.

#1. Overstay Your Welcome

If you're enjoying the date so much that you both lose track of time, that's great! Now save some of that fun for round two. If you have too much of a good thing on the first date, you can take away a little of the mystery that leads to the second date. And if you spend too much time together, you can come across as being too available (aka not having a life of your own). So quit while you’re ahead to leave him wanting more: If you've planned on coffee, it's okay to take a walk around the block afterwards—but not to also go out to dinner, go bowling, spend the night and have brunch in the morning.

Now you know the top five first date faux pas. If you avoid these mistakes you'll have a better chance of taking your next first date to a second date—and ultimately the relationship you want.

5 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date
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