7 Signs He's Relationship-Worthy

Hey readers! I’m handing over the keys to my column to my friend, dating expert Devyn Simone. Stay tuned for new dating advice from her each week! Enjoy!

Online dating is tricky business. With thousands of dating sites, hundreds of apps, and literally millions of options—91 million people use online dating sites world-wide!—just the thought of it all can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get bogged down in “how to spot the creeper” and “he was cute online, I slept with him, and now he won’t call.” Now, I can’t erase that night with what’s-his-name, but I can help you spot the winners (guys whose profiles say they’re full of relationship potential) from the losers (guys just looking to hookup). Here are seven signs from his profile and online dating behavior that he’s relationship-worthy:

  • #7. His photos are well-rounded.
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words for good reason. A guy who has a diverse collection of photos— with family, friends and pets, doing activities he enjoys, or looking suave at work—is more likely to have a life, be interesting and know how to balance the important things in life—a key ingredient to building a healthy relationship!

  • #6. He’s positive on his profile.
  • Close your eyes for a second and think of the last time you were upset. Now imagine how much better you would have felt if a strong, sexy guy had wrapped his arms around you. A loving partner may not be able to change a tough situation, but he can help you weather through it. If he has a positive outlook on his profile, chances are he’ll bring that that same energy to your relationship.

  • #5. He keeps it short, simple, and thoughtful.
  • While a profile should give you insight to the person, it should not detail his life story starting from the cold wintery morning from whence he was born. If you have to take two days off work just to read his profile, run! He’s either trying too hard, has too much time on his hands, or is obsessive (about himself and potentially about you—#stalker)! Look for a man who writes just enough to leave you wanting more.

  • #4. He messages you with something that relates to your profile.
  • We get it. There are literally millions of options online. But online dating isn't supposed to be a conveyer belt, churning through dates. A guy who's just looking for a hookup will send generic "hey what's up” messages to any woman with a pulse. A guy who's serious about you will make the effort to stand out by tailoring his messages and highlighting your potential connections.

  • #3. He asks you out on a date within the first week of messaging.
  • Once you two have a rapport going online, "Mr. Serious About Finding Love" will be serious about taking you on a real date. This isn't the movie HER, no one should be falling in love with their computer screen. If he’s dragging his heels about meeting in person, he might be having a tough time juggling his two families! No thanks.

  • #2. He asks/agrees to call you before the first date.
  • To be fair, we’re such a text-happy society these days that most guys are unaware of this step, so you may have to tell him that you’d prefer to speak on the phone before your first date. But here's some Dating 101 advice: speaking on the phone is a good way to weed out the weirdos and see if you have a connection. Besides, if a guy can't take 5 minutes out of his day to call you, why should you take 10 minutes out of your day to brush your hair and put on lip gloss to meet him? If he's serious about you, he’ll be happy—even excited—to accommodate.

    And finally, #1…

  • #1. He follows through with a smile.
  • If you only remember one thing from this article, this is it: A guy (or any person, for that matter) naturally prioritizes the people they value most. So if he wants to be in a relationship with you, he will make you a priority. A man with no follow-through is a man who doesn’t really want to be with you. For your relationship to begin, grow, and flourish, you need two people to be committed to the process. If he's not committed to getting to know you in the beginning, he'll never be fully committed to you.

So there you go! Online dating can be exhausting, but if you know what to look for you can save yourself heartache, walks of shame, and money on lipstick. Look, Mr. Right may not hit all seven of the signs, but five out of seven isn't bad—just remember that #1 is most important. Amazing relationships can begin online. Once you learn to spot the winners from the losers, you can win the love you want! #ThereIsHope

7 Signs He's Relationship Worthy

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