How to Take a Good Selfie

Recently, I was on a flight with a woman who was taking endless selfies. My first thought was, “What a narcissist!” And my second was, “You’re doing it all wrong!” Since I only take good photos of myself, I thought I’d give you a quick tutorial on how to get it right—and quickly, so you’re not embarrassing yourself as long as she was. I had a staffer demonstrate my 5-step plan!

Clinton Kelly Take a Good Selfie
1. Don’t shoot from below.

1. Don't Shoot From Below

This is the Worst. Possible. Angle. Short version: Whatever’s closest to the camera is going to look the biggest, and pretty much no one looks good with a Shrek-level chin. Not to mention, neck folds! Moving on.

2. Look at the camera, stupid.

2. Look at the Camera, Stupid

Repeat after me: The screen is not taking the picture. Don’t look at the screen. Look at the camera itself (that dot above the screen) when you hit the capture button. Otherwise you’re not QUITE looking at the camera, which is just… weird.

3. Find your best angle.

3. Find Your Best Angle

This takes practice. A good place to practice is at home, in front of a mirror (ahem, not on a plane). Take a gazillion photos and move your head around and smile with your lips parted, then not parted, then smirk, then pucker, until you can look at them all together and figure out that you photograph best at, say, a ¾ angle with a surprised look on your face. Aha!

4. Lighten, brighten & crop.

4. Lighten, Brighten & Crop

Most camera-phones these days have photo editing tools built in. Use them! You probably aren’t shooting your selfie under ideal conditions (a bright but cloudy day), so these are key. Brighten the image, increase the saturation, crop out any photo-bombers, and generally tweak it until it looks good. Also: Use your flash. It may be uncool, but that burst of light hides many a flaw.

5. When in doubt, filter.

5. When in Doubt, Filter

Why do people love Instagram? Because it’s a cheaters’ way of turning a mediocre photo into art. And I don’t care if you cheat to look your best. Most camera phones give you this option now, too, so you don’t even have to open the app. When in doubt, black and white looks chic. And you’re done!

P.S. Check out these tips to look good in photos when you’re not the one holding the camera.


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