Look Fabulous In Photos

’Tis the season of family gatherings, friendly get-togethers and work-related holiday parties—all of which will be caught on camera and promptly uploaded to social media, whether you like it or not. Avoid a photo tragedy with these tips from professional photographer Steve Giralt, who happens to be a friend of mine as well as an all around nice guy.

Have A Good Laugh

Don’t hold a smile. Your face will end up looking frozen. Instead, find a way to make yourself gently chuckle. Imagine Uncle Harold in his skivvies or French bulldog puppies in bumblebee costumes.

Frame It!

You might look hip and cute in your glasses, except when glare makes it look like your soul is leaking out through your ocular orbits. Avoid glass flash by tilting your head down a bit, then looking up at the camera with your eyes. Sexy! You can also prevent glare by angling frames down so they’re not resting on your ears but lifted slightly above them.

Lose a Chin or Two

I haven’t taken a picture without doing this in years: To avoid a double chin, tilt your head up slightly and push your entire head forward just a touch. It’ll pull any extra skin taut. You might look a little weird from the side, so make sure no cameras are firing in your periphery.

Assume The Position

Banish flabby arm photos! Turn your body to a 45-degree angle, put the arm facing the camera on your hip and put your weight on your back leg. Lean back ever so slightly. Bam! Who’s the supermodel now? (And never square your shoulders, it makes you look broad where a broad doesn’t want to be broad.)

Close Your Eyes

Seriously. If you tend to blink in photos, close your eyes, have the photographer count to three and open your eyes on three.

Be Handsy

You’ll look like a lifeless bump with your hands by your sides. Do something with them! Hug your mom. Hold your best friend’s hand. Pinch your boyfriend’s tush. Or, better yet, someone else’s boyfriend’s tush!

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