1 Desk, 3 Ways: How to Transform Your Desk With Colorful Office Supplies

As you know, I am a huge fan of color. It has the power to transform a bland space into one that’s calming, uplifting or any other emotion you want to evoke. When it comes to your workspace—whether it’s at home or in a cube farm—it can give you the energy to power through your day, even if you walk in with a case of the Mondays. Don’t believe me? We put it to the test. Click through to watch this desk transform into two different colorful looks, all through changing out the accessories.

  • Desk_Grey.jpg
  • Desk_Blue.jpg
  • Desk_Pink.jpg

And no, I haven't started an office organization line--why reinvent the wheel when Poppin does such a great job?


Mary would like to thank the lovely, generous people who gave me stuffed toys for her while I was on book tour. As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed them last night when I returned home. Would you mind coming over this morning to clean up their guts, which have been strewn in every nook and cranny of our apartment. Thanks! 😘

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