2-Minute Transformation! Stripe Up Your Vases with Electrical Tape

After months of picking flowers from the garden, you might be sick of arranging them in the same-old vessels. This easy trick can instantly give white vases nautical flare, it’s crazy-cheap, and it’s removable, too! Just buy electrical tape in the colors of your choice and wrap it around a group of white vases in random stripes. We took inspiration from buoys, but you could do a monochromatic stripe for a preppy look or go crazy with more colors for primary-hued fun.

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Electrical Tape Vases

You will need

  • colored electrical tape
  • various white vases
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • cutting mat

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  • Cut lengths of electrical tape to fit around each vase.
  • To make smaller strips of tape use a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat. Place length of tape on cutting mat then cut to desired width using a ruler and craft knife.
  • Wrap colored tape strips around vases.
Stripe Up Vases With Electrical Tape

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