3 Essential Decorating Accessories to Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

Now that it’s getting chilly outside, I want to layer my home with soft, cozy textiles and snuggle up by the fire with a good book and a glass of wine… or maybe just the wine. The easiest and cheapest way to do it is with accessories—trade a few things out for the season and your space’ll feel like new. Three things I’m currently craving:

  • Moroccan Diamond Rug
  • Sheepskin rug
  • Blue shag rug

A Shag-a-licious Rug

This retro style has been around the block, but it’s back in style because nothing’s better for sinking your toes into when you hop out of bed in the morning!

  • Plaid blanket
  • Mexican blanket
  • Sherpa throw blanket

A Lumberjack-Worthy Throw

Mmm… Something wooly or fleecy, in a masculine plaid or a chunky cable knit. Perfect for cuddling.

  • Shag pillow
  • Fur pillow
  • Blue shag pillow

A Furry Pillow

Okay, perhaps a bit over the top, but these are all the rage—and what’s more opulent than lounging in (faux, of course!) fur?


Mary would like to thank the lovely, generous people who gave me stuffed toys for her while I was on book tour. As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed them last night when I returned home. Would you mind coming over this morning to clean up their guts, which have been strewn in every nook and cranny of our apartment. Thanks! 😘

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