30-Minute Pumpkin Crafts

A couple weeks ago, I reached out to my favorite home bloggers with a challenge: Come up with a unique pumpkin idea, using only items they had around the house, that took under 30 minutes to execute. I sent them my own example—a Carrie made from a tiara, fake blood, and straw that I thought was pretty genius (find it on Instagram @clintonkellyofficial)—to see if they could come up with anything better. Well man, was I blown away! Check out their fabulous creations below and click through to their sites for the full instructions.

Pumpkin Succulent Vase

From Michael of Inspired by Charm: A serene little succulent planter made from a green gourd pumpkin.

Witch Stuck in a Pumpkin

From Jessica of Four Generations, One Roof: A carnivorous pumpkin with a taste for witches.

Gold Gilded Faux Bois Pumpkin

From Kim of Sand and Sisal: A glitzy gold painted faux bois print pumpkin.

Grommet Corset Pumpkin

From Beth of Home Stories AtoZ: A surprisingly sexy pumpkin in a corset made from grommets.

Gold painted Pumpkin Terrarium

From Cheryl of Tidy Mom: A white pumpkin turned into a gilded greenhouse terrarium.

Black Chalk Paint Pumpkin Clock

From Vanessa & Heather of At The Picket Fence: An ominous black chalk paint clock pumpkin.

Pretty Decoupaged Pumpkins

From Kari Anne of Thistlewood Farms: A pretty pattern explosion with fabric decoupaged onto the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Townhouse

From Laura of Finding Home: A pumpkin carved into a move-in-ready (mouse?) house.

30-Minute pumpkin Crafts

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