An Easy DIY Trick to Make Your Underwear Smell Better: Scented Drawer Liners

Has anyone ever told you that you have stinky drawers? Hope not! That being said, adding lightly scented paper to the inside of your bureau can cover up a new (or old) furniture odor and make your clothes smell nice, too. But instead of buying scented liners, which tend to be overpriced and often too small for real drawers, you should make your own. It’s super-easy!

Clinton Kelly DIY Scented Drawer Liner

DIY Scented Drawer Liner

  • scissors
  • thick wrapping paper or scrap wallpaper
  • ½ cup water
  • essential oils (like lavender, rose, or cedarwood)
  • spray bottle
  • ruler


  • Cut your paper to the approximate dimensions of your drawer, with about an inch of wiggle room all around.
  • Mix the water and 20-30 drops of essential oils together in a small spray bottle.
  • Flip your paper over and lightly spritz the back all over with the mixture, being careful not to saturate the paper. Let dry and repeat as desired.
  • Measure your drawer dimensions and cut your paper to fit exactly. Insert into drawer.
  • Refresh the paper periodically by taking it out and spritzing the back again.

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