Bye-bye, 50 Shades! 3 Paint Colors That Aren't At All Boring

Designers love grey. It’s elegant, tasteful and goes with everything. That being said, if every wall in your house is one of fifty shades of grey, it can get pretty boring. So I’m here to tell you that you have options. And if you’re having trouble picking a hue (I know that’s the hardest part!), let me just tell you a few that I’m loving. Live in color, my friends!

Spring Green Bedroom

Spring Green

Great for a master bedroom or kitchen, a peppy grey-green is a more fun than grey or beige, without going so bright that it fights with your furnishings.

Indigo Bedroom


A sort of retro royal blue, this deep shade has an opulent earthiness to it. Love it for a dining room or office—start with an accent wall if you’re not ready to go the whole hog.

Pink Living Room

Pale Pink

Yes, pink can be grown-up! This versatile shade pairs just as well with modern greys as it does with rich berry tones or masculine browns. Try it in a living room or powder room.

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