Cheap-o Table Linens, Transformed! Try this No-Sew Trick

Sure, plain table linens are a dime a dozen at the discount store, but if you want to set a fabulous table, they just won’t do as-is. We transformed these cheap-o placemats and napkins with sweet fabric applique designs inspired by my Effortless Table place settings. The process is super-easy and requires no sewing—if you can use scissors and an iron, you can do it—and the transformation is incredible. Your guests won’t believe you made them yourself!

Easy No Sew Table Linens

Fabric Applique Table Linens

You will need

  • plain fabric placemats and napkins
  • various fabric scraps
  • fusible webbing
  • iron

  • scissors


  • Pick images for stencils and print out using printer or draw your own.

  • Trace images on paper side of fusible webbing pieces.

  • Iron image pieces of fusible webbing shiny side down to back side of fabric pieces.
  • Cut out drawn design then peel away paper layer of fusible webbing
  • Place cut out appliqué design on placemat, napkin adhesive side down and press with iron. Follow instructions on webbing package for iron temperature and pressing time.

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