Decorate with Sea Shells: 5 Beautiful Crafts to Use Shells in Your Home

Isn’t it lovely to stroll through the sand, collecting seashells? The problem is: These babies tend to accumulate—and possibly multiply—but how can you part with the one you found the night of your first kiss with Danny Z? I combed Pinterest for my favorite ways to incorporate sea shells stylishly into your home. Let the summer lovin’ continue!

  • Turn them into a wreath. Hot-glue a motley bunch of shells—or an orderly collection of similarly-shaped ones—onto a foam form to hang from a door or on the wall.
  • Light them up. Melt votives into larger shells to turn them into little candle holders to run down your table or keep in the powder room.
  • Gild them. Give a few shells a coat of gold or silver, then display them alongside natural-colored ones in a bowl, tray or hurricane.
  • Fill them up. Since air plants don’t require much upkeep, they can easily live in any container. Suspend them near a window or place one or two on your desk for a pick-me-up next season.
  • Frame them. A great solution if you’ve got a ton of shells! Flip the frame over, fill it with your collection, then display them all at one.

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