DIY: Chic Fabric Decoupage Flower Pots

As you may be aware, I think terracotta pots are a little dull. If you’re looking for another way to dress them up try covering them with fabric. I personally love a mix and match look— you can use leftover fabric scraps or have fun buying new to create these chic little pots. With so many options to customize, you can match your décor inside and out, just be sure to use outdoor finish decoupage!

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Fabric Covered Flower Pots

You will need

  • terra cotta flower pots
  • outdoor finish decoupage medium
  • brush
  • scissors

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  • Cut a piece of fabric large enough to wrap around flower pot once with about 2” of extra fabric at the top and bottom of pot.
  • Brush a section of the pot from top to bottom with decoupage medium, then place fabric on area and brush fabric with medium. Continue all the way around the pot. Let dry.
  • Trim extra fabric about 1-2” from top and bottom of pot. Take scissors and cut 1” slits in extra fabric at top and bottom of pot.
  • Brush inside of pot with decoupage medium then fold down fabric strips and brush with medium. Repeat on bottom of pot. Let dry.
  • If desired, use same technique to cover drip plate.

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