DIY Concrete Bookends—Instant Industrial Chic!

You may do all your reading on your Kindle, but that doesn’t mean your bookshelves shouldn’t show off ead War & Peace. Corral your impressive collection with this industrial chic concrete ampersand bookend. Despite the hardware store vibe of concrete, it's shockingly easy to work with. We used Quikrete concrete mix to make ours: You just add water to the dry mix, pour it into a mold, and wait. Try this easy DIY concrete project this weekend!

Clinton Kelly Quikrete Concrete Bookends

Concrete Bookends

You will need

  • 10lb bag of Quikrete concrete mix
  • bucket

  • water

  • Paper mache letters or symbols
  • craft knife

  • heavy gauge wire

  • craft paint


  • Remove one side of paper mache letter using a craft knife making a mold.

  • Cut a length of wire and carefully bend into shape so it fits inside mold. This will be used for inner support of finished bookend. Set aside.

  • Mix Quikrete concrete mix with water per package instructions.

  • Fill half of mold with concrete mix. Place wire letter shape inside mold, pressing into concrete mix. Fill the rest of mold with concrete mix and smooth; let dry completely.

  • Carefully peel away paper mache mold.

  • Using craft paint, paint front side of bookend; let dry.

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