DIY My Favorite Ornament: Swirly Balls

As seen on GMA! We swirled. We chatted. We laughed. A morning of fun turned into happy memories! Do the same with your family. Five years from now Little Johnny will be saying, “Remember when we painted your balls at Christmas?” Good times. Hang them on the tree or stack them in a beautiful bowl and place it on the mantel. Find more awesome ornaments here: Challenging, Intermediate and Super Easy!

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You Will Need

  • clear glass ornaments
  • water-based glaze paint or decoupage medium
  • paints in your desired color palette
  • plastic cups


  • Remove the top of the ornament and add a small amount of glaze or decoupage medium, about the size of a nickel, to the bottom.
  • Add generous drops of colored paints to the glaze inside the ball. Add more paint or glaze if needed to achieve desire look.
  • Swirl the paints to cover the inside of the glass ball and create a pattern.
  • Turn the ball upside down and place in a plastic cup, allowing the excess paint to drain from the ornaments. Allow to dry overnight. If the design is not to your liking, wash out with soapy water and start over.
  • Replace the ornament’s top and display.
DIY My Favorite Ornament: Swirly Balls

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