DIY: Paper Spider Mums That Will Never Die, for Your Desk or Dresser

It’s the tail end of winter and the flower section at the grocery store isn’t quite up to par yet. Outsmart the establishment and make your own flowers. From paper! They’re unexpected, they’ll never wilt and they’ll cost you a lot less than those ubiquitous roses. Thrifty and beautiful, just like you. These brilliant “spider mums” look great in a vase on your dresser or desk or even woven into a wreath form!

Paper Spider Mums

You Will Need

  • scissors

  • fringe or paper shredding scissors (optional)
  • 12x12 scrapbook paper(s)
  • tape

  • 12” long piece(s) of heavy gauge floral wire
  • hot glue gun

  • floral tape

  • wire cutters


  • Cut the paper into 2” (for smaller flowers) or 3” wide strips.
  • Using fringe scissors or regular scissors, cut a fringe along one long edge of one strip of paper, leaving ¼” without a fringe.
  • Place end of floral wire onto one uncut edge of the paper and secure with hot glue. Roll up the paper with the wire inside and tape in place. Dab more hot glue around the base of the “flower” to hold the write in place.
  • Wrap floral tape around the flower, starting on the paper and wrapping all the way down to the bottom of the stem.
  • Starting from the outside, gently fold “petals” outward to open up bloom.
  • If desired, trim or bend stem to fit your vase.
DIY Paper Spider Mums

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