Entertain in Style: The 3 Essential Elements of a Glamorous Table Setting

Is there anything sadder than a plain white plate? Okay, sure: Hunger, poverty, cancer, to name a few. But in the entertaining world? No! It may be tempting to stay safe when you’re purchasing (or registering for) the dinnerware you plan to use every night, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes, simple is just… uninspiring. That being said, if you’ve already made the commitment, it’s easy to mix things up by making just a few little changes using my formula of adding color, texture, pattern and shine. Here’s a quick step-by-step:

  • White Plate Makeover
  • White Plate Makeover2
  • White Plate Makeover 3
  • Step 1: White on white and clear on white. Bo-ring!
  • Step 2: Change out the accents—as in, the cutlery and salad plate—for ones with some personality. Getting there…
  • Step 3: Add funky glassware and a table linen. Awesome! And fun fact: This one is actually a sarong. Why limit yourself to a tablecloth when you can use any swatch of fabric you find?

P.S. The salad plate is from my new tableware collection. Shop it here!


Mary would like to thank the lovely, generous people who gave me stuffed toys for her while I was on book tour. As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed them last night when I returned home. Would you mind coming over this morning to clean up their guts, which have been strewn in every nook and cranny of our apartment. Thanks! 😘

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