Get Party-Ready with these Flea Market Fab Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are essential if you like to entertain, but they are so UGLY. So we found a pair of basic wooden chairs at the flea market and made them fabulous with a bold stenciled paint job. Besides giving you more places to park booties, you’re instantly adding color and pattern to your setup, two of my essential elements for a stylish dinner party. Try painting each in different colors for a mix and match effect.


Stenciled Folding Chairs

  • You will need
  • flea/thrift chairs
  • high gloss interior/exterior paint

  • precut stencil
  • spray repositionable stencil adhesive
  • stencil pouncer brush


  • Paint chairs with desired color in as many light coats as required for a nice even finish. Let dry.
  • Spray the back of the stencil with stencil adhesive and place on chair seat. Using the pouncer, brush the contrasting paint color over the stencil. Repeat if necessary, then remove stencil and let dry.
Get Party Ready With Fab Folding Chairs

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