Lantern Makeover! Take Boring Lanterns and Make Them Beautiful

We found simple steel lanterns at a discount retailer for about $10 each. Not bad! But they were too Plain Jane—and why be plain when you can be fabulous?! We jazzed them up with a fresh coat of paint and bright design—using paint markers for precision—to give them my must-have style elements, color and pattern. Throw in a few battery-operated candles for your next outdoor party!

DIY Trellis Lanterns

Colorful Trellis Lanterns

You will need

  • store-bought lanterns
  • spray paint & spray primer (optional)
  • opaque paint markers
  • candles


  • Carefully remove glass panels from lanterns.
  • Spray paint lanterns with several coat of spray paint making sure to cover inside as well as outside. Let dry. (If your lanterns have a smooth or porous finish, you may want to coat them with spray primer first.)
  • Search online for simple Moroccan patterns or any other desired pattern and print out.
  • Place glass panels on pattern printout and trace pattern using paint markers. Let dry.
  • Carefully replace glass panels into lantern.
DIY Trellis Lanterns

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