Make These Fabulous Candle Holders from Plastic Toys!

Guess what? It’s my birthday!! Well, not my (Clinton’s) birthday, but the anniversary of the launch of as a resource for all the food, drink, decorating and style tips I’ve had bouncing around in my head. So in honor of our first birthday, here’s a fancy-schmancy candle holder idea for you—take a toy animal figurine, drill a little hole in it, and glue in one of those old-fashioned plastic candle holders. It will instantly transform even the plainest cake into a fabulous Pinterest-worthy dessert.

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Toy Animal Candle Holders

Animal Candle Holders

You will need

  • plastic toy animals
  • metallic spray paint
  • birthday candle holders
  • birthday candles
  • drill
  • craft glue

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  • Drill holes in tops of plastic animals.
  • Place a dab of craft glue inside drilled hole and insert birthday candle holder.
  • Spray paint animals in desired colors, in several light coats if necessary. Let dry.
DIY Animal Candle Holders

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