Parisian Flea Market Birdcage Terrariums

You don’t need to wait for Spring to “sprung” to add some bohemian color and charm to your décor. Picture a Parisian flat in the 1920s: Long strands of pearls, brass cigarette holders, beaded dresses… and these fabulous birdcage terrariums. They put a girly twist on the modern indoor garden. Filled with moss, airplants and maybe a faux butterfly or two, they make a sweet centerpiece for your next party or permanent decoration for your dresser or mantel. The best part? This piece looks expensive and sophisticated but it’ll only cost you about $20!

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Flea Market Birdcage Terrariums

Parisian Flea Market Birdcage Terrariums

You will need

  • spray paint
  • floral moss
  • air plants
  • floral butterflies
  • hot glue

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  • Spray paint birdcages in desired color; let dry. Apply an additional coat if necessary; let dry.
  • Place a bed of floral moss at the bottom of each birdcage.
  • Place air plant on bed of floral moss.
  • Trim floral butterfly pick to desired length. Place a small amount of hot glue at the end of butterfly pick then stick through moss securing it to the bottom of the birdcage.
Flea Market Birdcage Terrariums

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