Repurpose an Old Six-Pack Case as a Sturdy Wipe-Clean Condiment Caddy

Here’s another good reason to buy Dad some beer: You can turn the six-pack container into a condiment caddy! This easy craft is a great way to reuse the cardboard instead of tossing it into the recycling bin. We covered ours with wipe-clean, water-resistant oil cloth fabric (commonly used as a tablecloth) so that the new caddy has a chance against, well, actual condiments. A rope-wrapped handle makes it extra-sturdy. Tote this cute condiment caddy outside for your next barbeque!

Condiment Caddy Craft

Six-Pack Condiment Caddy

You will need

  • empty six-pack container
  • oil cloth
  • craft glue
  • rope


  • Using the container as a guide, cut one piece of cloth that wraps around base portion of container, and 1 piece cloth to cover handle portion of container.
  • Brush 1 sides of container one side at a time with craft glue and adhere cut piece of oil cloth till wrapped around container on all four sides.
  • Brush one side of handle portion with craft glue, adhere oil cloth, then glue other side and fold over oil cloth to adhere.
  • Cut out handle hole using an exact knife.
  • Hot glue one end of rope to one end of handle opening. Wrap rope along handle and secure at end using hot glue.
DIY Repurposed Condiment Caddy

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