This Genius Supply to Create Trendy Metallic Pillow Designs is Already in Your Pantry

I love a decorative pillow, it’s such an easy way to transform the look of a room (especially for serial redecorators among us—can’t get a new sofa every three months!). Designer pillows can cost an exorbitant amount, for what’s basically two great-looking handkerchiefs sewn together. Forget that! Update plain pillows instead with this smart technique, which uses freezer paper for a stencil that temporarily adheres to fabric, so you can create a super-precise metallic design with no mess.

Clinton Kelly DIY Designer Metallic Pillows

DIY Metallic Design Pillows

You will need

  • cotton pillow cover
  • freezer paper
  • pencil
  • craft or x-acto knife
  • iron
  • metallic fabric paint
  • pouncer or stencil brush
  • scrap fabric


  • Place a piece of freezer paper shiny side down on a clean, flat surface. Draw or trace your design with a pencil.
  • Use craft knife to cut out areas to be painted to create a stencil.
  • Position freezer paper on fabric, shiny side down. Carefully go over freezer paper with a dry hot iron to temporarily adhere it to the fabric.
  • Paint the exposed areas with craft paint using pouncer or stencil brush. Repeat as necessary to thoroughly coat the area.
  • 5. After the last coat, carefully peel off freezer paper starting at a corner.
  • 6. Let the paint dry completely, then set it by placing a piece of scrap fabric over the area and going over it with a hot, dry iron.

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