Turn Lost Game Pieces into Playful Swizzle Sticks

Old game pieces have a habit of winding up in the junk drawer, never to be reunited with the game again—I’m looking at you, Bananagrams letters, Monopoly tokens, and dice from any game ever. Instead of tossing them, turn them into cute swizzle sticks. It’s a super-easy craft and they’re the perfect tool to keep everyone’s drinks straight at game night!

Game Piece Swizzle Sticks

Game Piece Swizzle Sticks

You will need

  • Various dice or game pieces
  • 3/16” wooden dowels
  • craft knife
  • jewelers glue or other strong bond glue


  • Cut dowels to desired length using a craft knife.
  • Glue dice to one end of dowel and let dry. Wash by hand after using.
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