3 Tricks To Rock Menswear Like a Lady

Men have been wearing suits, with minor modifications in cut, for decades. Why? Because they work. A great blazer instantly strengthens your shoulders and makes you look taller, thanks to that deep V down the front. And a tailored pant can be much more forgiving than a skinny jean or jog pant. That said, menswear can be tricky on a real woman’s body. Here’s how to wear it to look on-trend but still flatteringly feminine.


1. Find Your Fit

If you’ve got curves, don’t bother shopping your boyfriend’s closet. If you’re petite, you might have luck with a blazer in the boys’ section, but for the rest of you: Look for menswear-inspired pieces that accommodate your figure. Start with my guide to fit & style for silhouette suggestions, then add the pieces that enhance your figure. For example, pair a high-waisted, wide-leg trouser with a tailored top or an oversized button-front shirt with skinny trousers. Image: Topshop

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2. Mix & Match

Resist the urge to wear a full-on suit; you’ll look like you got lost on your way to Wall Street in 1986. Instead, incorporate one menswear-inspired piece into an outfit you already love: Throw an oversized vest over a blouse and skinny jeans, or top a t-shirt and leather skirt with a blazer. The key is to have that bit of masculine structure be a surprise with your other elements. Image: J. Crew


3. Add Feminine Touches

A corollary to #2: A runway model may look cool in head-to-toe menswear, but for everyday, it’s more flattering to add feminine touches that counterbalance the hard lines. Look for a blouse in a soft silk or pretty print, trousers in a color other than black or grey (I love a pale pink or burgundy) or ladylike accents like jeweled embellishments and heels. Image: Asos

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3 Tricks to Rock Menswear Like a Lady

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