5 Summer Styles That Work for Fall (and How to Wear Them)

Stop! Labor Day may be the official end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to chuck your favorite duds into storage. Here are five summer styles you can wear through fall—and how to make them seasonally appropriate.

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1. Peasant Blouse

Breezy with a pair of shorts, embrace an embroidered shirt’s boho appeal by pairing it with flare jeans in a dark or black wash and natural leather accessories. Boot Cut Jeans, $25; hm.com


2. Nautical Striped Dress

I think stripes are seasonless! Treat a striped dress as your base pattern and pile on the neutrals—a nubby sweater and scarf, and later in the season, tights and boots. Oversize Knit Scarf, $27; asos.com


3. Silk Shorts

Girl, you gotta show off those tan legs as long as you’ve got them! Look for a sweater in a nubby knit to give the lightweight shorts some heft and pair with booties. Shaker Stitch Sweater (for similar), $50; gap.com. Image via lulus.com.

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4. White Lace Dress

In summer you wear it solo, but for fall, layer it with cowgirl-inspired accessories like a suede vest, leather boots or tights in an autumnal hue (eggplant, anyone?). Suede Waterfall Gilet, $85; mango.com.


5. Chiffon Skirt

Wear it with a tank in summer, add a cropped jacket in fall—try one that has some presence, like quilted material, dark denim or a vintage-inspired pattern. This flowy fabric also looks surprisingly good with tough-girl moto boots for an edgier look. Baroque Print Jacket, $55; mango.com.


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