Spring Nail Trends

Spring is a time for rejuvenation. Now that we have cleaned out our closets and added some fun new pieces to our wardrobes it’s time to update our nails to match. We checked in again with manicure expert extraordinaire Deborah Lippmann, founder and creative director of her namesake line of nail polish, to get the scoop on the top trends for nails this season.


Sweet and Chic Opaque Pastels

Simple and chic, nude nails are still in but with a slight variation from seasons past. “Nudes have always been classic, but we’ll see a more opaque, finished nail in Spring 2016. Beautiful, opaque pastels and neutrals are always a big trend for spring as well,” says Lippmann. Try soft pastel colors from Lippmann’s Spring 2016 limited edition set, Sweets for My Sweet, to get the look.


Easy Textured Looks

Nail art can seem intimidating, the designs complicated or over the top. If you have been waiting for the perfect minimalist trend to try, this is your season. “More understated designs like negative space will lead the way for those wanting to experiment with nail art yet maintain a simpler aesthetic,” says Lippmann. Ask for this simply elegant feathered look Lippman created for NY Fashion Week at your salon or recreate it yourself at home. Start with a clear base coat like Lippmann's Genie in a Bottle, which uses violet tones to neutralize dull, stained or yellowed nails, and let dry. To create the feathered design, use a white shade, like Lippmann's Amazing Grace, and dab almost all the color off of the brush. Then simply drag the brush tip diagonally across the nail. Skip the topcoat on this design to let the texture shine—so simple!


Keep Your Nails Healthy

Remember, the worst faux pas you can make is not taking proper care of your nails. Even if you’re not going to wear polish, always keep your nails clean, hands moisturized and have a nail file on hand to keep them nicely shaped. When using polish, make sure to use products that will keep your nails healthy and strong. “Avoid using nail lacquers that contain a significant amount of toxins,” says Lippmann. Look for polishes with a minimum rating of 3-free, that avoid the use of toxic chemicals, especially Toulene, Formaldehyde and DBP. Instead look for shades that contain nutrients and vitamin blends, like Lippmann’s 7-free gel lab pro line, to achieve a gel manicure look without the wear and tear of destructive chemicals.

Simple Nail Trends for Spring

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