Sweet & Stylish Pajamas

You know, game night doesn’t have to be with a group. It could just be a change of pace for you and your honey, something to do instead of renting a movie or sitting on the sofa surfing the web together. And as long as we're upping the ante for a night in, how about some new pajamas? Because I have a feeling you might still be wearing the same ratty stuff you’ve had since college. Here’s some sleepware worth sporting when the lights are on.

  • Navy white p
  • Red pajamas
  • Chambray pajamas

Trade the boxers and tee for…

Stylish separates with a feminine twist.

  • Pink striped pajamas
  • White polka dot pajamas
  • Blue floral pajamas

Ditch the sweats for...

Sweet and snuggly loungewear that’s not totally shapeless.

  • Floral cami and shorts
  • Polka dot cami and shorts
  • Navy lace cami and shorts

Upgrade the tank and undies with…

A cami/short-short combo with some sex appeal.


You know what's awesome? When you're super-excited to meet someone and she turns out to be just as smart and sweet and chic as you hoped she'd be. That's Danai Gurira, whom you might know as Michonne on The Walking Dead! Tune into @abcthechew tomorrow to see us have some fun in the kitchen! #twd #thechew #fanboy

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