• Lightweight fabrics. Body-skimming silk pants and a top offer plenty of coverage in the AC, but don’t weigh Maya down on her way to work.
  • Options for adjustment. Inside, Meredith’s buttoned up to the neck, sleeves down—outside, she undoes those buttons and rolls the sleeves up. A neat pony keeps her hair off her neck.
  • Loose layers. An oversize blouse and trousers let air circulate, while Luna’s blazer is on hand for chillier times inside.
  • An A-line. Super-light fabric that doesn’t cling means Maureen is fully covered—but can still catch a breeze. Bonus: In a shiny fabric, dress works just as well for after-work drinks as it does at the office.
  • Natural fibers. An almost old-fashioned solution: A roomy cotton button-front and twill pants deflect the heat, and Abby’s upswept bun helps beat the heat.

When you're walking home from work on a beautiful fall evening and you think, "A delicious cappuccino would make my life complete right now." Then you realize it's 5:00 and you're too old for that shit.

You know what's awesome? When you're super-excited to meet someone and she turns out to be just as smart and sweet and chic as you hoped she'd be. That's Danai Gurira, whom you might know as Michonne on The Walking Dead! Tune into @abcthechew tomorrow to see us have some fun in the kitchen! #twd #thechew #fanboy

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