5 Coffee-Infused Cocktails

Whether you work or have kids to get off to school, fall is the time when your schedule starts to get serious. Cue the triple venti no-foam latte, STAT! Now, I’m not going to tell you the best way to make your coffee. Instead, let’s talk about coffee cocktails. Whenever I’m in San Francisco, I make a pilgrimage to the Buena Vista, a bar credited for inventing the Irish Coffee. And boy, is it delicious. So in its honor, I bring you five coffee cocktails, some hot and some cold, to serve up when you get a break this weekend.

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  • EspressoMartini_ThingsWeMake.jpg
  • MexicanCoffee_Diethood.jpg
  • IcedCoffeeCocktail_JellyToast.jpg
  • NuttyIrishman_TastedotCom.jpg
  • Irish Coffee = Espresso + Irish whisky + Heavy Cream + Sugar - Recipe on chow.com
  • Espresso Martini = Espresso + Vodka + Coffee liqueur - Recipe on thingswemake.co.uk
  • Mexican Coffee = Coffee + Tequila + Coffee liqueur + Cinnamon (+ optional scoop of ice cream) - Recipe on diethood.com
  • Iced Coffee Cocktail = Cold brew coffee + Cream + Vanilla or Hazelnut flavored vodka - Recipe from jellytoastblog.com
  • Nutty Irishman = Espresso + Irish cream liqueur + Hazelnut liqueur + Whipped cream - Recipe on taste.com.au

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5 Coffee-Infused  Cocktails

When you're walking home from work on a beautiful fall evening and you think, "A delicious cappuccino would make my life complete right now." Then you realize it's 5:00 and you're too old for that shit.

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