Boozy Dessert! 5 Amazing Frosty Cocktails

So… we got so excited about the Pink Flamingo over here that we went off on a wild and crazy iced cocktail brainstorming session. Since one can only have so much boozy ice cream in the name of research (tough job, but someone’s got to do it), we reached out to a few savvy cocktail bloggers to see what kind of concoctions they could dream up. And boy, are our mouths watering!! Apologies if you gain 5 pounds just by reading this.

Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream Float

From Jessica at One Martini, a Bourbon Coffee Ice Cream Float.

Guiness and Jaeger Chocolate Float

From Prairie at Bit by a Fox, a The Guinness & Jäger Chocolate Float.

Peach Mojito Popsicles

From Natalie at Beautiful Booze, Peach Mojito Popsicles.

Peach Basil Saison Float

From Elana at Stir & Strain, a Peach Basil Sorbet Saison Beer cocktail—kinda like an ice cream shandy!

Melon Muscato Popsicles

And from the Clinton Kelly kitchen, Melon Muscato Popsicles.

Ice Cream cocktails

Mary would like to thank the lovely, generous people who gave me stuffed toys for her while I was on book tour. As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed them last night when I returned home. Would you mind coming over this morning to clean up their guts, which have been strewn in every nook and cranny of our apartment. Thanks! 😘

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