Forget the Pumpkin Spiced Latte—This Orange Spiked Coffee is A-Ma-Zing!

So… I’m not saying this is something you should drink before work in the morning, but if you’re looking for something special to serve at your next girls’ brunch, this is it. Dark, creamy, not too strong, accented with citrus and spiced with cinnamon, this Orange Spiked Coffee is the perfect mix of practicality and indulgence. Hmm… Tall, dark and delicious-smelling? Sounds like my type.

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Orange Spiked Coffee

Orange Spiked Coffee

  • 1 c dark, strong coffee, hot
  • 1 ½ oz Irish cream liqueur (like Bailey's)
  • ½ oz triple sec
  • ½ tsp sugar (optional—or more to taste)
  • ¼ c heavy cream, whipped to a medium peak (or storebought whipped cream)
  • 1-2 cinnamon sticks

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  • Combine the coffee, Irish cream liqueur, and triple sec in an Irish Coffee mug, stir to combine. Sweeten with sugar if desired.
  • Top with whipped cream, and grate cinnamon over the top. Garnish with another cinnamon stick and enjoy.
Orange Spiked Coffee

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