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I. Just. Can’t. Wait. Together again and LIVE on Facebook and Instagram next Monday, Oct 22. Yay! Join us for a bite, a drink and a craft. 1:00 pm ET, 10 am PT.

On #nationalcomingoutday I present to you this #tbt. I’d like to say I wore these pleated khakis and oversized shirt (in Paris, no less) because I was still deep in the closet, but ... nope. Was full-on OUT at the time. I may have my fashion regrets, but I have ZERO regrets about being true to myself. And I hope that you can be too today and/or support someone you care about as they proclaim to the world they’re worthy of love no matter who they love. And, as always, huge thanks to my family and friends for always having my back. Even if they didn’t tell me to buy a size (or two) down. ❤️🌈