I love creating my own Valentine’s Day cards. I mean, what’s more thoughtful than making something from scratch, then filling it with your own sentimental (or sexy!) words? So here are three simple card ideas easy enough for people who don't think they're crafty—plus suggestions for text—to keep your love life humming this holiday. A paper punch does most of the work, so all you’ve really got to do is cut and paste. Cocktail anyone?

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You're an expert crafter so you've made Valentine's Day cards before. This is a year for ambition! Nothing says I love you like the words jumping off the page, right? The only solution is to make DIY pop-up cards —and I would never suggest anything you can’t actually make. With bold lettering and a dash of sequins these pop-up cards will be sure to impress your sexy someone!

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These cards are made with materials you probably already have around the house, so you can throw them together at midnight on V-Day’s eve after you realize you forgot to buy a card or a gift. An experienced crafter knows it's always nice to add some sentimental value to your DIY and these cards are stitched with love. Make use of materials from your home—especially your kitchen or craft closet. You'll find it's surprisingly easy to gather the supplies you’ll need to make them!

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Starting plants from seeds is an easy way to trim gardening costs—but not at the expense of junking up your windowsill with those ugly Styrofoam or black plastic planters. Instead, repurpose old mismatched teacups from your cupboard or the flea market, grab some seedlings and decoupage a tray. Everyone will admire your green thumb and great taste, too. How DO you do it?

Fabric Covered Flower Pots

As you may be aware, I think terracotta pots are a little dull. If you’re looking for another way to dress them up try covering them with fabric. I personally love a mix and match look— you can use leftover fabric scraps or have fun buying new to create these chic little pots. With so many options to customize, you can match your décor inside and out, just be sure to use outdoor finish decoupage!

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I love a beautiful flower arrangement and you can easily make one on the cheap, but if you are even the tiniest bit busy or lazy or distracted, you’ve probably let yours sit out until it’s brown, wilted, smelly and actually making your table uglier. So for you, I offer a brilliant table topper: The mini moss garden. Inspired by the moss garden at my own home, this deconstructed terrarium is made from craft moss and just one succulent (a hard-to-kill plant) so it requires very little maintenance for year-round green in your dining room.


Tired of boring old fridge magnets? These carnation magnets are just the pop of spring color your kitchen or message board needs to ring in the season right. Grab any color tissue paper leftover from the holidays, the brighter the better, and start scrunching. In no time you’ll have a garden of thrifty-chic magnets at your fingertips!


Folding chairs are essential if you like to entertain, but they are so UGLY. So we found a pair of basic wooden chairs at the flea market and made them fabulous with a bold stenciled paint job. Besides giving you more places to park booties, you’re instantly adding color and pattern to your setup, two of my essential elements for a stylish dinner party. Try painting each in different colors for a mix and match effect.


I love the bohemian appeal of a tassel—they’re sumptuous and a little messy, the sort of thing some wealthy bon vivant would bring back from her travels around the globe. They also happen to be a cinch to make. So naturally I want them as part of my effortlessly chic table. We used jewel-toned embroidery thread in the same color family to make ours, but you can mix as many colors as you like (or keep them monochrome) to suit your décor. Go on, impress everyone with your worldliness!

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You put a person on a pedestal, they might fall down. You put a cupcake on it, and it just looks fantastic! Buying yourself a cute cake stand at the store can run you $50 and up—no, thanks! These were made for mere dollars, using candlesticks and plates from the thrift store. So you go on building the buffet of your dreams, and let your nibbles rise to your high expectations.


Looking to make your Fourth of July Fabulous? I've done all the work for you rounding up projects from some of my favorite bloggers to get your home all decked out for Independence Day. Scroll down for ideas and click through to their websites for full instructions!


After months of picking flowers from the garden, you might be sick of arranging them in the same-old vessels. This easy trick can instantly give white vases nautical flare, it’s crazy-cheap, and it’s removable, too! Just buy electrical tape in the colors of your choice and wrap it around a group of white vases in random stripes. We took inspiration from buoys, but you could do a monochromatic stripe for a preppy look or go crazy with more colors for primary-hued fun.

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We’re serious about celebrating America. But not so serious we’d spend $90 for a store-bought wreath when we could make an awesome one for under $20. For this project, we used a mix of sisal and braided rope for a nautical-inspired rope wreath that combines all my key elements of style (color, pattern, texture and shine!) in one patriotic package.


Get that sweaty glass off my coffee table! Prevent water stains in style with coasters inspired by an all-American classic, the rag rug. This easy craft has a homespun look that’s perfect for getting color and texture onto a casual table.

Personalized Beer Mugs

If Dad’s got more photo mugs than he has desk space, it’s time to move on to a new Father’s Day gift. Make something you can use together now that you’re a grownup: etched glass beer mugs. Use stencils of his favorite hobbies and some glass etching cream to create these personalized Father’s Day gifts. Gift them with a six-pack of the craft brew of your choice and you’ve got the best Father’s Day ever. Cheers!


Bittersweet day. Thank you to these two beautiful souls for sharing their laughter and expertise with me for seven years. And thank YOU for welcoming us into your homes. Have a fabulous life, everybody!!!

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