5 Easy Crafts You Can Make With Real Flowers From Your Garden

My garden is bursting with buds, so I’ve been drinking wine and scouring Pinterest for some fresh ways to bring them inside. Here are my some of my favorites so far:

  • Mix them with your books. Line up a little nosegay on your shelf alongside your paperbacks and knickknacks for a fresh pop of color.
  • Hang them. A favorite trick of wedding planners, throw a few blooms into a mason jar, then use wire to hook them from the back of a chair, a windowsill or a chandelier.
  • Frame them. Adhere dried, pressed flowers to sturdy paper in a pretty pattern with decoupage or kraft glue, then place them behind glass.
  • Epoxy them. For a hardier take on decoupage, shellack those pressed flowers onto a tray to use every day.
  • Weave them into a wreath. Pop short stems into flower water picks, then press them into a grapevine wreath. Add a ribbon to hang them and you’re done!

Photo credits (left to right): laybabylay.com; red-sundress.tumbler.com; allaboutyou.com; sayyes.com; livelovediy.com

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