5 Easy Ways to Do a Gallery Wall

Putting together a gallery is a fun and cost-effective way to fill a big wall space, but a lot of people are afraid they’ll get them wrong. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are lots of right ways to do a gallery wall, and not that many wrong ones. The key is to have a plan before you start: Gather up your art, lay it on the floor and move it around until you like the layout. Then cut out pieces of paper and tape them to the wall in the locations where your wall décor will go. Otherwise you will make an extra ten holes in the wall and will be mad at me. Don’t do that. Here are five easy ideas:


1. Reign in a Palette

For the more Type A among us (our executive editor comes to mind), things have to be very matchy. If you’re that kinda girl, then start by choosing art in just a few colors, like the black, brown and mustard scheme here. Then see above about putting it together as a balanced mix to cover your space. Art, from $20 unframed, minted.com


2. …Or Go Wild With Color

On the opposite end of the spectrum: Especially in a kids’ room, it’s fun to embrace every hue—plus textured art and some unframed pieces—for a gallery that can organically grow. You can even use washi tape to frame up photos or drawings, for the commitment-phobic. NYTTJA Frames, from $10 each; ikea.com


3. Mix & Match

Seriously, you can be free-form. In my office, I hung a mixture of paintings, photos, mirrors and other objects—including plates from my collection and books by yours truly—to get an energetic, eclectic mix. The biggest key here is finding the right balance: Distribute light and dark colors, similar shapes, and large and small items so your eye moves across the space. Most of my art is from OneKingsLane.com. Effortless Table Plates, $60 for set, macys.com.


4. Try for Multiples

Mirrors are a great way to fill a wall and get more light into a room. I love a grid of three, four or six mirrors above a bed or living room couch. If you’re on a budget, look for 12” square mirror tiles at the hardware store for about $10 for a 6-pack. If you’re not, get more sophisticated finished versions like these. Dubois Small Square Wall Mirrors, $99 each; crateandbarrel.com


5. Frame Up

One way to make art from a bunch of different genres work together is to frame it all the same way—either in the same color frame (say, all white or all gold) or with the same color and width of the matting inside. Works with photos, paintings, even postcards or old letters. Chic! Polished Brass Gallery Frames, from $29 each; westelm.com

5 Gallery Wall Ideas

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