5 Tips to Host Chic After-Work Cocktails in Your Backyard or Front Stoop

If you’ve got any outdoor space at all—backyard, front stoop or even a fire escape—I encourage you to take advantage of these long summer days to host an al fresco after-work cocktail. Why? Because drinking at the office can get you fired (unless you’re me!). Here are my tips to make it chic, even if you’re drinking boxed wine in your UPS uniform.

  • Use a serving tray. It makes just about anything look good, and it saves you from taking trips back and forth to the kitchen.
  • Throw on extra-large napkins. No need to ruin your pencil skirt; drape these over your lap to act as both placemat and finger-cleaner.
  • Include a light snack. I like cheese and olives, but if all you’ve got are Goldfish, toss them into a bowl and call it a night.
  • Stack, don’t serve. Plates ladled with food up a lot of tray space. Throw all your munchies onto the top one for transport, then dole them out.
  • Sip from stemless. Flutes are lovely, but they run a little tippy. Pour your bevs into low juice glasses for transport.

P.S. Planning a full-fledged lunch? Check out my tips for Woman’s Day.


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