6 DIY Makeovers for Old Games

What do you do when your old board games expire? It’s hard to part with them—even if they’re beat-up and missing pieces and you only play games on your phone these days. Well, here are some smart ways to repurpose them around the house. What I especially love: You’re decluttering a closet from stuff you don’t use any more AND giving your home some personality, too. Win-win!

  • Board game gallery wall
  • Scrabble coasters
  • Playing card journals
  • Puzzle wall art
  • Monopoly trinket box
  • Board game picture frame
  • Turn vintage game boards into a gallery wall, like Stacy from NiftyLiving.
  • Glue Scrabble pieces into coasters, like Nicole of VisualHeart.
  • Transform playing cards into covers for mini journals, like Diane of CraftyPod.
  • Paint puzzle pieces and rearrange them as wall art, like Miriam of BabyEcoChic.
  • Decoupage Monopoly cards and money to a box, like Kim at Yessy.
  • Glue game pieces to a picture frame (cute gift for a kid!), like Carrie of MakingLemonade.

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