Craft Corner Holiday Projects From The Chew

You loved them on The Chew so here are the directions for my Very Merry Mantel crafts. I'm starting with this chic wreath. Check back soon for more additions from this festive series.

Berry Wreath Clinton Kelly The Chew

Festive Berry Wreath

You Will Need

  • Cardboard
  • Fake berries
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Red paint
  • Xacto knife


  • Cut cardboard into circles (on the The Chew we cut ours 13.75”).
  • Spray paint entire circle red.
  • Start gluing berries. Hot glue dries quickly; add no more than 3 or 4 at a time
  • Once dry, cut a short length of ribbon, wrap around wreath and hot glue in place.
  • Tie a large bow with ribbon and run a 12" length of wire through the back of it. Use wire to fix bow to ribbon glued to wreath.
  • Create a loop with a longer length of ribbon and glue it in a loop on the opposite side of the wreath. This is the hanger.
  • Wreath can be hung by tacks put into wall through inside of hanging loop.
Light Up Tree The Chew Clinton Kelly

Light Up Canvas Tree

Strands of lights right out of the box can be hard to work with. Don’t spend time fighting with a kinked and twisted wire. Pull the lights out of box the night before you want to do this project. Stretch out the strand and let it relax. Then you relax with a hot toddy.

You Will Need

  • Stretched canvas
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Awl
  • Christmas lights


  • Sketch design on blank canvas.
  • Paint canvas according to your design and let dry. The white tree could, ideally, be the blank canvas.
  • Determine where you would like the lights to poke through and mark them off with a pencil. Keep in mind the distance between the lights on the strand.
  • Poke holes in the canvas by pushing awl part way through, about half the length of the awl. Don’t make the holes bigger than the lights and don’t poke too many holes; you want room at the end to plug in the lights. Or you can poke holes and fill them as you go.
  • Put lights through holes from behind the canvas. Keep in mind where you would like the plug to end up. The holes should be snug and it should take a bit of pressure to push lights through.
  • Secure strand with tape on the back of the canvas.
  • Secure any loose ends of strand.
  • Hang and plug in.
Stocking Holders Clinton Kelly The Chew

Gift-Wrapped Stocking Holders

You Will Need

  • Plastic, sealable container
  • Gravel
  • Empty gift boxes
  • Gift wrap paper
  • Ribbon
  • Double stick tape
  • Paper
  • Wreath hanger


  • Fill container with gravel. Make sure the container fits in the box. You can also use zip top baggies for gravel.
  • Set container into box. Fill empty space in box with rolled up newspaper or paper. This will keep container from sliding around.
  • Wrap box with gift paper using double stick tape. Decorate with ribbon or other festive add-ons like berries or bows.
  • Use paper to cut out nametags for each wrapped gift and tape onto boxes.
  • Flatten out a wreath hanger and attach to mantel. Sit box on top of hanger.
Christmas Card Ornaments Clinton Kelly The Chew

Christmas Card Ornaments

You Will Need

  • Colored and white card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue (glue stick or clear tacky glue)
  • String
  • Decorating materials such as stickers, glitter glue and stamps


  • Print tree template on 8.5x11 inch white card stock. You can find the template HERE
  • Trim about ¾ inch off the top and side.
  • Fold card stock in half at the dotted line.
  • Use scissors to cut the three curved lines of your tree.
  • Fold the three sections along the outer lines to create creases. You can use a butter knife to score the lines to create a neater fold.
  • Open card and pop up sections of tree like a tent. Template should be on the backside of card.
  • Tree should bend one way and the rest of the card the other way.
  • Make a banner using diamond-shaped pieces of colored paper, folded in half and glued over a piece of string.
  • Poke two holes in the top corners of the card stock and thread ends of string through holes. Secure to the back with tape.
  • Use glitter glue or stickers to decorate your tree with ornaments and tinsel.
  • Use stickers, gems or stamps to decorate remainder of the card. Use tweezers to apply glue to small decorations.
  • Once you’re finished decorating your card, use a glue stick to secure the white card stock onto a larger piece of colored card stock
  • Write a fun holiday greeting on the front, and voila!

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