Create the Perfect Gallery Wall with These 3 Tricks

When you’re faced with a big, blank wall, the instinct is to go for Big Art. But unless your great-grandpa was, say, Picasso, it’s unlikely that a real piece of artwork is in the budget. Before you resign yourself to hanging a—gasp!—poster (or that tapestry from your hippie period), consider putting together a gallery wall. Small art is cheap, and when you add it all together it can cover a lot of surface area. Use these tips to get your gallery wall right:

  • Pick a color scheme. No, every picture doesn’t have to be the same color (bo-ring!) but choosing a family of hues—like neutrals on Alaina's wall here, or all neon brights—will make the images feel more cohesive.
  • Use common shapes. Using all circles and ovals, for example, or all rectangles and squares, is another way to keep art from different sources looking cohesive. That being said, sometimes one or two ‘off’ pieces—like the round silhouettes here—keep it from looking too stiff, so don’t eliminate anything you just love if it’s not just the right shape.
  • Pick a theme. This can be whatever you like—family photos, animals, architecture, nature—but different types of pieces on the same subject will make the art feel like it’s meant to live together.

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