Dip-Dye a Plain Rug to Give it a Vibrant Ombre Design with this Quick Tutorial

I’m seeing ombre all around this season, in fashion, home—even hair. And it makes perfect sense that we’d love it right now: ombre combines the breeziness of tie-dye with the structure of a stripe, two summer design staples. Want to give it a try? Use this dip-dye technique to freshen up a boring off-white mat with a vibrant raspberry edge.

OmbreRug copy.jpg

Ombre Rug

  • Materials
  • Fabric dye
  • Water
  • Large bucket
  • Wool or cotton rug


1. Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons liquid dye per 4 quarts of water (or approximately 4 liters) in a large bucket or bin and fill until the level is about half as deep as you would like to dip the rug. Mix more dye bath if necessary. (If a solid, not ombre, effect is desired, make the dye bath level as deep as you would like to dip the rug.)

2. Place one side of rug in bucket and soak for about 15 minutes or until desired shade is reached. Remember that once the dye is rinsed and the rug is dry, the color will be several shades lighter.

3. Rinse excess dye from the rug, rinsing from the center of the rug outward, and hang, dyed side down, to dry. Place an old towel or paper towels under the rug to collect drips. Once the rug is mostly dry, repeat on the other side.

4. Next, to achieve your ombre effect, double the water in the bath but not the dye, dip each side again for 15 minutes, rinsing, hanging, and allowing time to dry in between. Allow to dry fully.

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