DIY: 3 Easy Ideas for a Standout Spring Wreath

I love a grapevine wreath. You buy one basic wreath and end up with hundreds of possibilities because you can change it with the seasons or even to match your mood. Need some inspiration this Spring? Here are my three fail-safe starting points to make a wreath my own—try one or a combination for door décor that’s truly “you”.

  • 1. Add Floral Elements
  • It may by a no-brainer, but I love how blooms look on a wreath. They look beautiful naturally-even if they're fake. If you’re looking to go beyond basic, spray paint fake flowers in a bold metallic or seasonally specific color palette. Then just hot-glue them on!
  • 2. Create Craft Store Decor
  • I love getting inspired by what I find at the craft store—miniature birds, glistening plastic fruit, easter eggs, or, in this case, little sewing notions can all personalize your wreath. Here, we used pincushions and buttons to create a little colorful garden wreath.
  • 3. Put a Ribbon on It!
  • The easiest-ever addition, but you can get creative with placement—top, side or bottom—material and style of bow. I love a big-impact ribbon, like a 3” wide wire-rimmed grosgrain or one with a bold print, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Do a simple bow or add layers or folds for a fancier effect.

Sewing Notion Wreath

  • You will need
  • grapevine wreath
  • pin cushions
  • push pins

  • floral wire stems
  • yarn

  • buttons
  • pom poms

  • wire

  • hot glue
  • Method
  • 1. For garden: Stick pushpin into top of pin cushion to make stem. Attach tomatos to wreath form using wire or glue.
  • 2. For leaves and curls, wrap floral wire stems with yarn, securing ends with hot glue. Bend into shape and attach to wreath form using wire or hot glue.
3 DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

Coyote urine. It’s the reason my hydrangeas actually bloomed this year. (Deer repellent.) And after her thorough sweep of the gardens for chipmunks, it’s what Mary smells like right now. #bathtime Happy Saturday!

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