DIY: Easy and Glamorous Easter Centerpiece

With every holiday season overpriced décor abounds. Easter is no exception, and it is exceptionally hard to justify spending $70 on a bunny made of twigs. The solution: head to the nearest craft store! Glitter and spray paint are the perfect tools to add instant glam to dollar store plastic eggs and bunny figurines from the thrift store. Just pick a color palette—I’ve gone with cool blue and trendy copper tones—and you’re on your way. Mix color textures, some shiny, some matte, and arrange them by size, largest in the middle to smallest at the edges. All that’s left is to admire your masterpiece!


Glitzy Bunnies & Snazzy Eggs

You will need

  • Bunny figurines (thrifted or from craft stores)
  • Paper or plastic craft eggs
  • Spray paint in copper and shades of blue and teal
  • Floral wire
  • Shoe box


  • Spray paint bunny figurines 
in desired colors; let dry.
  • To paint eggs without smudging: Poke a small hole into bottom of egg. Bend a piece of floral wire about ¼ inch from the end at a 90 degree angle, then insert into the bottom of the egg to hold while spray painting. Poke other end into shoe box and let dry.
  • Remove wire from eggs and arrange with painted bunnies on table.
DIY Easy and Glamorous Easter Centerpiece

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