Snowmen Ornaments Clinton Kelly

Shining Snowmen

Everyone has a soft spot for Frosty and if you don’t, then your heart is clearly made of coal.

You Will Need

  • Precut craft wood circles
  • White glitter craft paint
  • Assorted sequins
  • Orange marker/Sharpie
  • Craft glue
  • Monofilament


  • Paint four circles with glitter paint. Let dry.
  • Glue sequins on one circle to create a face, and on another circle to form buttons or any other embellishments you want.
  • Draw a carrot nose on the face with marker.
  • Attach the two circles with sequins (the face and body) to each other by gluing one string of monofilament on their backs. Start monofilament at the back of the bottom of the body circle to beyond the top of the face circle. Leave a small space between the head and body.
  • Glue one of the unadorned, painted circles to the backs of the embellished circles so the monofilament is sandwiched between.
  • The monofilament sticking out of the top will serve as a hanger. Tie it off to create a loop.
Word Ornaments Clinton Kelly

Glittery Balls

You can decorate a Christmas tree with the same concepts you use to dress yourself for the holidays: sparkle and shine. Bonus: You can have them say anything you want. Just keep it clean. Or not.

You Will Need

  • Gold and silver ball ornaments
  • Vinyl sticker letters
  • Gold and silver glitter spray


  • Think of a word such as “joy” or “love” that you want to appear on your ornament.
  • Apply vinyl letters to ornament that spell out your word.
  • Spray ornaments with glitter spray and let dry.
  • Peel away vinyl letters.
Sparkling Pink Pear Ornament Clinton Kelly

Sparkling Pink Pear

Partridge in a pear tree? Not this year. Go for just the whole fruit. This Bartlett gets glam in glittery pink. It’s perfect enough to eat.

You Will Need

  • Plastic pear or any fruit you want
  • Pink craft paint
  • Pink glitter
  • Glitter craft glue
  • Silver craft paint
  • Foil pastry leaves
  • Pink ribbon


  • Paint pear with pink craft paint. Let dry.
  • Brush on glue and sprinkle on glitter, then shake off excess glitter and let dry.
  • Paint stem with silver paint.
  • Glue on silver pastry leaf.
  • Make a bow and hanger loop using ribbon.
Mustache Ornaments Clinton Kelly

Razzle-dazzle Mustache

Mustaches are everywhere, even adorning baby pacifiers. Don't be surprised to see Christmas trees across the country sprouting facial hair. This ornament is my simple version of one I saw while on a shopping exercursion, but you will really impress me with a handlebar ‘stache and chops. It would be even better in 3-D! Send photos please.

You Will Need

  • White ball ornaments
  • Stick on mustaches
  • Black craft paint
  • Glitter craft glue
  • Black, white and blue glitter
  • A black and a blue marker/Sharpie


For a black ball with a white mustache:

  • Place mustache on ornament and outline with black marker.
  • Paint ornament with black paint leaving white mustache remaining.
  • Brush on glitter glue to mustache and then sprinkle with white glitter.
  • Let dry and brush of any loose glitter with dry paintbrush.

For a white ball with blue or black mustache:

  • Place mustache on ornament and outline with black or blue marker.
  • Brush on glitter glue to mustache and then sprinkle with black or blue glitter.
  • Let dry and brush of any loose glitter with dry paintbrush.
Awesome Ornaments Clinton Kelly

Psychedelic Swirl

I’m a huge fan of color but black and white ornaments are very of the moment. I saw a handblown glass version of this ball for a lot of dough in a ritzy store. My take is a lot less pricey. And it will help you hypnotize your boyfriend into proposing on New Year’s Eve.

You Will Need

  • White ball ornaments
  • Black marker/Sharpie
  • Black craft paint


  • Draw swirl line using marker.
  • Using line as guide, paint on black swirl stripe in desired thickness.

Craft Sources

Most of these supplies can be found at Michael's, Home Depot, NY Cake and Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies.

DIY Ornaments: Glitter Word Balls and MORE!

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