DIY Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Cards

You're an expert crafter so you've made Valentine's Day cards before. This is a year for ambition! Nothing says I love you like the words jumping off the page, right? The only solution is to make DIY pop-up cards —and I would never suggest anything you can’t actually make. With bold lettering and a dash of sequins these pop-up cards will be sure to impress your sexy someone!

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DIY Pop-up Valentine's Day cards

I Love You Hardcore

You will need

  • scissors
  • X-acto or other craft knife
  • scrapbook or other colored papers
  • letter stencils (optional)
  • ruler
  • pen
  • sequins
  • tweezers (optional)


  • Cut out a rectangle for your card (our card was 4”x6”) and a smaller rectangle for the interior panel of the card.
  • Fold interior panel in half. Using fold as guide, draw an X in the middle, centered on the crease, and trace. Trace two more Xes to the left and right.
  • Measure the distance from the middle of the X to the bottom edges of the X and make a note of it (ours was 1”). Draw lines that measurement straight up from the four top points of each X.
  • Using the craft knife, cut out each X. Do NOT cut out the top edge of the X, but instead cut out the lines that extend out from the top.
  • Push out Xes and carefully fold along the edges: Outward at the bottom edge, inward at the top, and outward at the end of the extended section.
  • Adhere sequins to Xes (using tweezers, if necessary).
  • Write or cut out and adhere the rest of the text and glue to panel, then glue entire panel to the card, being careful to get glue into the X area.

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UR 2 Sexy

You will need

  • scissors
  • scrapbook or other colored papers
  • letter stencils (optional)


  • Cut out a rectangle for your card (our card was 4”x6”) and a smaller rectangle for the interior panel of the card. Cut a strip of paper in the same color as the interior panel
and twice as long as the card is wide (to hold the text).
  • Stencil or hand-write the letters for “SEXYSEXY” onto contrasting paper and cut out. Glue onto the long strip of paper.
  • Accordion fold the paper after each letter.
  • Glue or tape the interior panel to the card, then glue just the first and last panels of the SEXYSEXY strip of paper to the card so that the outer edges align with the interior panel.

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DIY Pop-Up V-Day Cards

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