DIY: Succulent Garden Wall Art

I love succulents. The pretty little things are totally low-maintenance (spritz them with water five times, once a month—done) and come in a gorgeous array of colors and shapes. The only thing I don’t like? The fact that design stores throw a few in a container, slap on an $80 price tag and expect us to pay for it. Puh-lease: You can make your own succulent art for a quarter of the price. Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you how.


You will need

  • 5”x7” wooden picture frame
  • 5”x7” wooden craft box, lid removed
  • wood glue
  • craft paint in the color of your choice
  • floral wire
  • staple gun
  • soil
  • small succulents
  • chopstick or skewer


  • Remove glass and backing from frame.
  • Paint the picture frame and the box with craft paint; let dry.
  • On the top edge of the box, mark off every ½” with a pencil. This will help you create a grid for the floral wire.
  • Starting on the short edges of the box, staple 8” lengths of floral wire across the opening at every pencil mark. Do the same with 6” lengths of floral wire along the long edges to create a grid. Trim any excess wire.
  • Glue the craft box to the back of the frame, being sure to get enough glue in there to seal any gaps. Let dry overnight.
  • Gently press soil through the floral wire grid into the box until full.
  • Remove a succulent from its container and shake off extra soil. Make a small hole in the soil with a chopstick or skewer, then plant the succulent in it. Repeat until the frame is full.
  • Give succulents a week or two to take root before hanging.

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