DIY This Spooky Boudoir Tablescape for a Fabulous Halloween

I love Halloween: But when I decorate I don’t do black and orange, too literal! Instead I like moody, dark tones that give a spooky chic feeling. This year, I chose a Spooky Boudoir theme for my table. I started with a palette of purple, burgundy and black, added silver glitter-covered skulls decorated with jewels (and lashes!), and black-painted candlesticks with crimson candles. Stack your Effortless Table plates on DIY Feathered Chargers and top them with Jeweled Spider Napkin Rings. The final touch? A feather boa artfully swagged along the wall. Sexy and scary!!

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Glammed-Up Candlestick & Bejeweled Silver Skulls

  • You will need
  • thrifted candlesticks of various heights
  • black spray paint
  • craft or toy skulls

  • silver glitter glue

  • silver glitter

  • hot glue
  • craft jewels and false eyelashes
  • Method
  • 1. Spray candlesticks with a light coat of spray paint. Let dry.
Apply another coat or two if necessary.
  • 2. Brush skulls with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.
  • 3. Once dry, attach jewel and eyelash accents to skulls using hot glue.


Jeweled Spider Napkin Rings

  • You will need
  • toy spiders

  • craft jewels

  • felt pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun & hot glue
  • Method
  • 1. Glue craft jewels onto body of toy spider.
  • 2. Using 1 pipe cleaner per napkin ring make two loops of pipe cleaner, then hot-glue them to underside of spider.

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Feathered Chargers

  • You will need
  • black plastic chargers
  • black craft feathers
  • hot glue gun & hot glue
  • Method
  • 1. Hot glue feathers around perimeter edge of charger, about 3-5 feathers deep, to create a rim.
DIY This Spooky Boudoir Tablescape!

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