DIY: Use Mismatched Teacups to Start Your Garden Indoors

Starting plants from seeds is an easy way to trim gardening costs—but not at the expense of junking up your windowsill with those ugly Styrofoam or black plastic planters. Instead, repurpose old mismatched teacups from your cupboard or the flea market, grab some seedlings and decoupage a tray. Everyone will admire your green thumb and great taste, too. How DO you do it?


Teacup Starter Garden

You will need

  • teacups & teapot
  • seedlings
  • dirt
  • wood tray

  • white gloss craft paint
  • 2-3 seed packs
  • photo copier or scanner
  • photo editing software or colored pencils

  • paper

  • glossy decoupage glue (like Mod Podge Glossy)
  • floral wire
  • white floral tape or electrical tape

  • hot glue gun


  • Fill teacups with dirt and plant seeds per packet instructions.

  • Paint wooden tray with white gloss craft paint; let dry. 
Repeat if necessary.
  • Copy or scan seed packets to create a collage. Using photo editing software adjust image to desired color, then print. Alternative: Make black and white copies of seed packets to create a collage, print out, then lightly color in with colored pencils. Trim as needed.
  • Following package instructions, decoupage the seed packet collage to bottom of tray; let dry.

  • Wrap 3-4” lengths of floral wire with white floral tape or electrical tape.
  • Cut out small squares out of paper and write the seedling names on them, then hot-glue to the wrapped floral wire. Bend and insert into dirt.
DIY Mismatched Teacup Garden

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