Florist Secrets to Make a $5 Grocery Store Bouquet Look Like a $100 Arrangement

If you want to brighten things up with a nice bouquet this time of year, you really have only two choices: an outrageously expensive florist creation or grocery store blooms that look sad and spindly fanning out of a vase. Neither one feels good. Well, now you don’t have to settle. I’m going to tell you how to make a grocery store bouquet look like a $100 + professional flower arrangement. Here are the top three tricks florists don’t want me to tell you.

1. Cut them way, way shorter.

Bouquets look best when they’re full without any gaps between the blooms. To achieve this at home - hold the flowers together with one hand so the flowerheads are bunched tightly together and you’ll see that you’re left with a foot or more of extra stems: Chop them off! Then peel off the leaves on the bottom half of the remaining stems.

2. Use an opaque vase.

You know those big leaves florists wrap around the inside of the vase? They’re not just there to look pretty: they disguise the unattractive stems and gross water in there (though one should change the water every day to keep them fresh). If all you’ve got are clear vases, get the look by cutting wrapping paper or scrap paper to fit the inside of the vase (put a mug or bowl inside to hold the water, so you don’t get the paper wet). Problem solved!

3. Anchor the stems.

If you just throw your flowers in a vase, they’re going to flop around and generally not behave. Flower foam or a flower frog are good solutions, but if you don’t have either, try this trick: Run clear tape across the open mouth of the vase, spaced about ½ inch apart, until you have a grid, then run tape all the way around the outside to hold it in place. Stick your stems into the holes and they’ll stay. Good flowers!

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